Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Victorian Christmas Cards

Goodness sakes! We are expecting more snow this week and that means I will be up in the craft room creating more masterpieces! 

I need to get caught up with the scrapbooking!

The gutters have fallen off the house due to ice and too much snow on the roof, we've had frozen pipes but are still blessed with good health and that's the important thing!  We are one day closer to Spring!

Being snowed in has taught me patience.  And my house is the cleanest it has been in awhile.  I even cleaned the craft room!  Now it's time to get back up there and make more messes! 

These cards are from a kit by Anna Griffin.  I added extra embellishments and can't believe my cards for this Christmas are done! I finished the ones I started last Christmas and didn't get out. Those are from Stampin' Up's product line and they are really cute.   I have a feeling that Stampin' Up will come out with something fantastic for Christmas this year and it will be hard to resist. 

Stay warm and safe out there everyone!

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