Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Princess Pigtails!

I can't wait to scrapbook these photos! Who is that naughty mommy putting bunny ears or devil horns on my sweet grand daughter? Anyhoo, had a busy day yesterday. Took the day off to help my youngest daughter get ready for her post-natal doctor appointment and had the honor of watching 5 week old Mason. He sure is a cutie! He loves to bounce and swing.....in your arms! Don't dare sit down or he'll let me know who is the boss....and it's not me!! He is smiling more and more and he'll try and talk to you too! He's adorable! After watching Mason and enjoying a lovely lunch from Panera....thank you Jackie...... I drove to pick up Miss Anna from Daycare and took her to the Dr. She had a double ear infection. Poor cutie pie! She has medicine now and should get better soon.

Hope to get scrapbooking and posting some more cards soon!

Love to all.

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