Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter was so much fun this year! There were about 100 eggs and miscellaneous items scattered and hidden for the grandkids to search for! It was a joy filled day. I just wish I
could cook...... the ham was dry and the dressing for the salad wasn't mixed properly so it
tasted flat....oh well.... there's always another holiday around the corner! The top photo is
Ian, Dylan and Jackson. Guess what Joe? Their shirts match! Bottom photo is Miss Anna
in her polka dot dress.... she's stylin'! It was a great weekend!


  1. Too cute!! I stole the photo of the boys and put it on my blog!! :o)

  2. How Adorable!!! Love the shirts boys, what a group of cuties! And then there is pretty little Miss Anna! I love your dress and I love that smile! You always wear a smile no matter what. I hope those cousins of yours left you and Easter Egg this year......