Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Craft Table!

Staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. For a couple of years, I stamped and created my masterpieces on a folding table and at times it could be rather flimsy. I've searched and searched for an old library table and they were either too big, too small or too expensive. Well, I hit the jackpot a couple of weeks ago! At work we are updating our furniture and work spaces and an old table was ready to get pitched. The wooden top was damaged. I can imagine students who stayed up late to study probably got bored and started doodling and carving their names and perhaps answers to test questions on it! I asked if I could rescue it. My hubby picked it up and started refinishing the top. After filling in the scratches and a couple of sandings, he decided that it should be painted. I cleaned up the legs and drawers and then applied a light coat of wax. It's half painted and half natural and it works perfectly in the space!

I can't wait to use it tonight to make some cards and as always, there is plenty of scrapbooking to do!

Love to all!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I want a craft room like yours! I have to stamp in the combined kitching/dining room. We have to move my "stuff" to eat! This is fabulous!

  2. that room is way too clean to be yours!
    love you

  3. Thank you, Anne!

    Jackie- You know it won't stay clean for long. Once I get started, it will be back to normal!